Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Essay Writing

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Essay Writing-1
For example, they will say the drawbacks outweigh the benefits, but then give more benefits in the essay. So if you are not sure you can use the word correctly, I would recommend not using it in this type of IELTS advantage disadvantage essay.

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It immediately deletes all important files and finally the system ends up being crashed. The people using internet often will forget the difference between virtual and real world.

This causes the people to get depressed quickly and it leads to social isolation and obesity problems.

So if you have said there are more benefits, then you would have two benefits and one drawback.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Essay Writing

Now take a look at the advantage disadvantage essay model answer.

When you have this type of advantage disadvantage essay it is important to distinguish between this and one that asks you to discuss advantages and disadvantages but does not ask your opinion.

If you are asked “” then you are being asked for your opinion and you must say which there are the most of – positive or negative impacts.

The internet is the place where all kinds of information is present and even the communication process is possible using the internet.

The world has now become internet dependent because of its vast advantages. it is easily accessed and can be searched more to get more additional knowledge. Education like home schooling is easily carried out using internet.


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