Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bottled Water Essay

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They can be chartered by exporters and are ready to sail anywhere and at any time. Tramps are more suitable to carry seasonal and bulky goods.

(iii) Tankers: Tankers are the vessels which are specially designed to carry oil, petrol and such other liquids.

Lakes can be either natural like rivers or artificial like canals.

Rivers are a natural highway which does not require any cost of construction and maintenance.

Sometimes the river changes its course which causes dislocation in the normal route of the trade.

Inland water transport by rivers and canals is not suitable for small traders, as it takes normally a longer time to carry goods from one place to another through this form of transport.It provides much more flexible service than railways and can be adjusted to individual requirements.The risks of accidents and breakdowns, in this form of transport, are minimum as compared to any other form of transport.It operates on a natural track, i.e., the sea and does not require any investment in the construction and maintenance of its track. There are three types of vessels employed in the overseas shipping: (i) Liners, (ii) Tramps, (iii) Tankers.(i) Liners: Liners are the ships which have regular fixed routes, time and charges.They are artificial waterways made for the purpose of irrigation or navigation or both.Canal transport requires a huge amount of capital investment in construction and maintenance of its track i.e., the artificial waterways.They are, usually, a collection of vessels under one ownership, i.e., a fleet. Liners sail on scheduled dates and time, whether full of cargo or not.(ii) Tramps: Tramps are ships which have no fixed routes. Usually, they do not sail till they have full cargo.Rivers are a natural waterway which can be used as a means of transport.They are suitable for small boats as well as big barrages.


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