Advanced Higher English Dissertation Submission Date

Advanced Higher English Dissertation Submission Date-71
All theses submitted to Hammer RR are considered the final copy and are required to undergo a format review.

This will be worth 25 marks (25% of the total mark).

The text(s) chosen must not be the same as those used in the dissertation.

By depositing a thesis with the Purdue University Graduate School, you certify that all copyrighted material incorporated into the thesis complies with United States copyright law and that you have received written permission from the copyright owners for the use of their work, which is beyond the scope of the law.

You also agree to indemnify and save harmless Purdue University from any and all claims that may be asserted or that may arise from any copyright violation.

The copyright symbol © is not required for works to be copyrighted. copyright law and understanding of the appropriate use of copyrighted works: Purdue University Policy I.

Advanced Higher English Dissertation Submission Date Your Compare-And-Contrast Essay Should Include An

All candidates have the additional option of applying for registration of their copyright: This establishes a public record of theses/dissertations and confers additional legal rights, enabling individuals to file infringement suits and seek statutory damages as well as attorneys’ fees. Specific questions regarding your rights and responsibilities under U. copyright law may be addressed to the Purdue University Copyright Office: 765.496.3864 or Stewart Center Room 246A. A.3, January 1, 2015 Use of Copyrighted Materials for Educational and Research Purposes.The writing can be from the following types:♦ persuasive♦ informative♦ argumentative♦ personal/reflective♦ poetry♦ prose fiction♦ drama This Section will be worth marks (30% of the total mark).Up to fifteen marks will be awarded for each essay selected for the portfolio.If the work you are quoting has significant commercial value, you should obtain permission to quote any complete or nearly complete text item or section.When your quotation of copyrighted material could have a negative impact on the existing commercial value of that material, obtain the copyright holder’s permission.All thesis-option master’s students and doctoral students must follow the Thesis & Dissertation Policies that are outlined in the University Catalog – Policies and Procedures for Administering Graduate Student Programs.Students depositing their thesis (or dissertation) with the Purdue University Graduate School must certify that they have prepared the thesis while observing the provisions if Purdue University Policy III.Learners will choose one question from a range of questions to provide an extended written response.Learners will select from genres taught, such as poetry, drama or prose.The question paper will have 40 marks in total (40% of the total mark).Pupils must pass the internal assessment in order to gain the full qualification.


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