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Marco is a silent man who exemplifies the typical Sicilian man who takes silence as a virtue.He does not speak much, and instead prefers to express his feelings through action.More interestingly, focusing as it does on Eddies forbidden (if largely unconscious) sexual desires for his niece, the play also reflects the general desire of men to control female sexuality.

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generally reflects the accepted gender roles of its day.

The men (in the case of Eddie and Marco) are bread-winners; they are workers providing for their families while the women must be demure, ladylike and stay at home cooking, cleaning and nurturing the children.

As Eddie pretends to teach Rodolfo how to box, “he feints with his right hand and lands with his left.

It mildly staggers Rodolfo.” Eddie delivers this punch to suggest that he is able to beat Rodolfo if he so wished and endeavors to expose Rodolfo’s is so weak that he cannot even fend for himself.

On the contrary, Rodolfo is a reconstructed man whose personality strays from Sicilian values.

Having only arrived in the country, Rodolfo already asks Catherine “I sing jazz, Napoleon, bel canto, I sing Paper Doll, you like Paper Doll?

Rodolfo does not adhere to the Sicilian code of justice as he seeks to compromise instead of to cast blame.

On the other hand, Marco shouts at Eddie vehemently in public as he is arrested. ” Marco’s accusations before the entire community illustrate his burning desire to seek vengeance because he believes Eddie has violated the Sicilian code of justice and thus Marco will take justice in his own hands by killing Eddie.

Meanwhile, Marco acts as the antagonist and Rodolfo’s presence gives rise to the conflict. Rodolfo demonstrates that he is eager to work and gives the reader the impression that he hopes to live the American dream by emphasizing that he is willing to “work hard”.

Upon the cousins’ arrival, Miller makes it clear that Marco and Rodolfo are both illegal immigrants who have surreptitiously travelled to USA for work. As America is prospering in the age of affluence, many immigrants including Rodolfo and Marco believe that as long as one works hard, one will be rewarded with good pay.


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