A Raisin In The Sun Thesis On Dreams

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What dreams do the major characters have and what widen do the younger carry through their dream?

Raisin in the Sun drama was written by Lorraine Hansberry.

Following to this ground his married woman Ruth Younger besides supposed to bury about her dream as her hubby ruined all money.

Beneath, Walter’s sister was besides approximately to destroy her calling and bury dream due to Walter’s error merely but someway her friend Asagai helped her out and raised a hope in Beneath to carry through her dream to go a physician. Younger’s dream about her new house was partially completed but she was non happy with what happened with remainder of money and besides there was a job with their new house.

Below is decision about “what extend do the younger carry through their dream?

” In the terminal of play household moved to new place to get down all over and acquire a new life.

Ruth was pregnant while Walter lost his money and besides his aspiration.

Ruth was sort adult female so she forgave Walter and advised him to bury yesteryear and travel for new beginning.

After all this Beneatha came to cognize that Walter did non set money in bank for her survey, she was really disquieted and left the program of going a physician.

During this clip her friend Asagai came and asked Beneath hat What if her male parent was still alive? He told Beneath to bury about that 10 thousand dollar and maintain traveling.


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