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I have been fed, educated, analyzed, tutored, coached, and clothed. But I am still stringing the beads together, still working on creating a life out of lost memories and scrambled time.I know, now, that to feel complete I need joy and peace. Clemantine Wamariya is a storyteller and human rights advocate.

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A map of Burning Man, which I love but which sends me deep into panic — the memory of the hot, dusty desert, the rows of tents. On it is a note to myself to remember to bring my tricycle if I ever go back.

Along the back wall, beneath the windows, I set out my books, each one highlighted and lined and flagged.

I did try to find fingered gloves for this post but didn't like any of those I saw and had to settle for a selection of fingerless ones, which after all are better for the ring ceremony. I don't think a bride will want to wear these Wedding Mittens for her wedding unless there are skis, snowboarding, snowshoes, ice skates, rubber tubing, or snowmobiles involved in the ceremony, but they were too cute not to include. The pattern for these mittens is available for $6(USD).

I have almost no photographs, no relics or mementos, no trail of objects to commemorate the gruesomeness and beauty of the days, months, and years my sister Claire and I spent trying to survive. First my parents sent us from our home in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, to our grandmother’s house in the country. Its pages contain infinite creatures, all the world’s possibilities and fears.

But Gourevitch understood the problem: History is dangerous. I look at the photo and imagine all the dead bodies on the surface of the water.

The cover photo shows an empty chair on the edge of a lake. I set out Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, for its magic; Elie Wiesel’s Night, because, to me, it’s holy and life-sustaining and I had once touched the man in the flesh and felt greatly comforted to know he was alive, old but alive.But is the most important to me since in it Morrison breaks down how white American stories depend on certain assumptions about black characters.It reminds me not to fall into the trap of being who you think I am. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, my guide to understanding Kenilworth, Yale, status in America. To me, everybody, almost everywhere, appeared to be in costume.This post is the third in my series of posts on knitting for weddings, and features a selection of patterns for purses and gloves for the bride.(You can see the other posts on knitting for weddings here.) Let's look at the purses first.Each sentence sends me tumbling into memory and thought. We’d been dislodged from the galaxy into a refugee camp only 100 kilometers from home.This sentence, for instance: “When space becomes too cramped, the dead, like the living, move out into less densely populated districts where they can rest at a decent distance from each other.” To me that says: , my objects of memory. Next, on the buffet, I place photocopies of pages from other people’s scrapbooks: images of me wearing too-small borrowed clothes; me, standing next to the son of the American family who first hosted us.There will be a lot of ways in which a bride's purse can be made to go with her dress and/or the wedding decorations: by using similar beading or other notions or a similar lace pattern, or lining the bag with fabric that is in the wedding colours or is left over from some other item or garment that has been made for the wedding.I would want to use a more polished-looking yarn than the one employed in this Bridal Clutch, but it has a cute shape and I love the frame. The pattern is from the November 2011 Crafty Ever After.By this point in my life I’ve heard the girls laugh. I realized what the book could teach me one night, many years ago, after attending a New Year’s party at the Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. It is a kind of madness: to have everything, now, and still feel something is missing. But if I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that surfaces often deceive.During my 16 years in the United States, so many people have poured so many resources into my body. I sit on panels behind a placard that reads: "Clemantine Wamariya, human rights advocate." I drink expensive juice. I can play the part; I can wear the bracelets I make, drink tea with friends, lounge in the sun on the pretty grass in the park.


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