4 Years Of High School Essay

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It is a fountain of knowledge which quenches the thirst of knowledge seekers. Students take the test regularly, and their parents are informed about their children performance. The motley of new and old campuses make my school one of the best schools in my city.

The walls of schools are decorated with beautiful sketches to create an atmosphere of study. The mainstream regarding the school that is the place where strict rules are applied to impart education. But as the world is growing, there are developing new methodologies for teaching. The thing which makes my school different from other is its education.

The building of the school is so big that it could easily be seen from the roof of my house.

The front wall of my school is decorated with quotations and inspirational poetry. There are science labs for the practical demonstration of scientific experiments.

Modern instruments like projectors are used to deliver lectures and also a practical demonstration is given.

Apart from other things the two best things about my school are its traditions and its teachers.The same education makes humans the best among all creation.My school is located at walking distance from my house.Therefore, it is a tradition to respect the teachers. The achievements, successes or accomplishments we gain in school are the part of best school life years.Hence parents feel pleased that their children are part of this school and I as well. Without knowledge, man is nothing more than a piece of flesh and collection of bones.It is the education which distinguishes a man from others.Therefore, my achievement, my success or my accomplishment is the name given to my fulfilled goals.The failure, in turns, is the names given to my mistakes, my setbacks, and my loss.Hence my school maintains a balance between study and game.My school has many playing grounds for various games like cricket, football and courts for sports like basketball, badminton.


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