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[tags: George Washington, American Revolutionary War] - George Washington Plunkitt was a complicated politician from New York in the 1900’s.

He had his own questionable way of seeing what’s right and what’s wrong.

[tags: George Washington, American Revolutionary War] - Many know George Washington for his debut as the first president, but little know the history behind George Washington’s childhood, and some of the things that influenced him to make the decisions he did.

He served in several positions, even refusing payment for some of his roles, and even contributed some of his own funds to help the national budget. Many people have heard of Wakefield, but not everyone knew that it was actually located in Virginia.

[tags: George Washington, American Revolutionary War] - I choose President George Washington because his is a tremendous person and leading America into a great country.

He was a firm believer in his own dignity to the point of vanity.[tags: George Washington Plunkitt, politicians, USA, ] - George Washington was a leader of the Continental Army in the American Revolution, and was the first to become U. At the end of his second presidential administration, Washington made his Farewell Address an open letter of advice and warning to the American people about their long-term safety and happiness....[tags: Political party, Politics, George Washington] - Almost everyone in the United States was delighted when our first Chief Executive was elected to presidency except for the man himself.A year before his presidential path he studies, geography, history, his best was math....[tags: President of the United States, George Washington] - In May 1775 the second Continental Congress is meeting and the American Revolutionary War has already begun. The militia’s that were fighting the war were very unorganized even though they were holding their own so early on in the war.Plunkitt’s Ideas of right a wrong sometimes seemed to be off.However, some of his ideas about things that needed to be reformed were as true then as they are now.John Adams proposed that the army that was outside of Boston be named the Continental Army and just five days later they had their general to lead that army.There was really only one choice as who to choose for the position and he was already there at the congressional meeting and his name was George Washington....So many important people, events, places and dates to remember.Yet, there are few people who are remembered by all for who they were and what they did. This man accomplished so many great things during his life, molding and building the future for our country.


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