2nd Grade Reading Homework

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They Sound the Same - Students will complete each sentence with a word from the word box.

Making New Words - Students will add one letter to the beginning of each word to on these four worksheets?

Once we have access to our i Pads going home, students will be able to complete these activities on their i Pad if internet access is available.

Students who don't have internet access will continue to receive paper copies.

Check the newsletter/assignment sheet for the week to see when we will be taking a math test.

In addition to reading group books and library books your child will have access to, I will also send home weekly reading fluency sheets home to help improve the accuracy and techniques of your child's reading abilities. Families have the week to work on them and have them completed by Friday.Parts of Speech 2 - Identifying nouns, verbs, and adjectives.Parts of Speech - Recognizing verbs, nouns, adjectives Contractions - Introduction to .Suffixes - Write words ending in s, es, ed, ing, y, ly, and ful in the correct word shape.Words With Two Meanings Worksheet 2 - Write a sentence for two different meanings of the words saw, ring, bat, pen, and top.Many assignments will be reviewed but not necessarily corrected and returned, as I am expecting that you will have seen and reviewed assignments for correctness each night as your child completed them.Parents will supervise homework and give help if necessary, but the assignment is to be completed by the child.In 2017-2018, we will continue with our Math series, Eureka Math.This program was chosen to ensure all new Common Core State Standards are being met efficiently. Students will be sent home with the day's lesson we completed in class along with their homework sheet.Your supervision will improve the quality of your child’s work.Please provide a time and place for your child to do his/her homework and try to keep this schedule as consistent as possible.


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