12 Angry Men Juror 8 Essay

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Another example, during the movie the jurors don’t truly care that much about the case. 8 Story They story in the movie Forrest Gump is told in first-person, with Forrest ... Jenny, his girl, is not seen in the movie for many scenes, but she plays ... The style of the movie is told by a man telling his life story from his point of view. Also, in the story, the #8 juror never once said that it was the lawyers fault for not questioning the sources that the testimonies’ stories were real.

They are extremely sarcastic and they call #5 out and say that he is ‘soft’ just because he is one of the few that is actually listening to #8 give reasons to why the defendant is not guilty and testing the actual evidence to see if it is legitimate. In the movie, the #8 juror strongly preaches that if the defendant’s lawyer was not court appointed and wanted the kid to win his case then there would have been another lawyer in the courtroom that day that would have actually questioned the testimonies.

Several jurors changed their votes accordingly and gained the courage to do the right thing.

In spite of their previous stand, they swallowed their prides and changed their votes, not because of their personal beliefs but because of what were the doubts in the evidences presented. These jurors tolerated other’s differences and attitudes as far as they could, carried out with good manners and proper language, dealt with disagreements and other’s brash behavior with forbearance and respect. These jurors persevered for what they knew was right, proved the innocence of a kid and persuaded those that are set in their votes; convinced them with facts and not by prejudices.

Lastly, all of these jurors demonstrated citizenship by serving the country in becoming jurors for this trial.

Even Juror #2 was quite excited to be a member of the jury and be a part in the legal and judicial system.

Also, in the story, the judge seems quite a bit more serious about making the jurors really think about what is going on and having them be conscience about the fact that if there is at all any doubt then they will have to vote ‘not guilty.

’ In the movie, the judge plainly says you, jurors, have to think about how the actions you take are going to affect the defendant.

Twelve jurors have individual stands and differences that may have been affected by their experiences and upbringing.

Every person in the movie represents current ethical and moral dilemmas that plague even individuals of today.


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